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4 photos from the 2023 MLK Diversity Breakfast in Jackson, Michigan
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APHW carries MLK’s mantle by ‘putting legs to our dreams’

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APHW the ONLY Home Warranty AZ Contractor Recommends

We’re so excited! It looks like word is really starting to get out that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) customers choose their own licensed contractors for claims… and that those contractors… Read More

Contractor review: Referring clients to APHW

It’s that time of year! Heat waves galore across the nation… but some states get hit harder than others. This Buford, Georgia contractor is probably pretty busy these days with A/C calls, and his… Read More

HVAC Contractor States Working With APHW a Pleasure!

WE’RE ON A MISSION! We want the home warranty business to be one that people can trust, and this begins with reviewers like this HVAC contractor out of Georgia, who left America’s Preferred Home… Read More

Home warranty reviews: The iceman (didn’t) cometh

The warmer the weather gets, the colder you want your drinks. Jerry Laliberte wasn’t getting any ice in his Charlotte, North Carolina home though… his refrigerator ice maker had frozen production,… Read More

They Gave It That Personal Touch

There are times when you just need to be able to trust someone. In the case of Susan Biasella-Hohs out of Northfield, Ohio, she knew exactly which plumber she could trust to take care of a house she… Read More

Building Relationships Through Customer Service Excellence

What makes you return to a service business over and over again? I’ll bet you it has less to do with the service itself than the customer service that came with it. For Antuian Bradford out of… Read More

No Home Warranty? No Sale.

Would you buy a home if it didn’t include a home warranty? Some might, but Jon Hoerauf wouldn’t. “I’ve told people I wouldn’t buy a home unless they included a home warranty,” he said. “Because you… Read More

Customer Changes Cautious Contractor’s Mind

In a Google review of America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), Steve Sedahl out of Apex, North Carolina, wrote, “The best reviews come from the contractors I’ve hired to do repairs.” We were… Read More

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