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APHW the ONLY Home Warranty AZ Contractor Recommends

We’re so excited! It looks like word is really starting to get out that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) customers choose their own licensed contractors for claims… and that those contractors tend to like what they see. Arizona HVAC contractor Robert Noland recently left us this 5-star Google review:

“I come from the trade side of this. I own an HVAC company and have worked for customers using three different home warranty companies. If a customer says they have one of the other two, I say, ‘Good luck, I'll need you to pay the bill and get reimbursed from the warranty company.’ Americas Preferred actually pays me directly … They are the only one I would recommend.”

Robert also appreciated that APHW’s approved claims tend to help his homeowners’ bottom line better. We certainly do try—thank you Robert!!