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Contractor Cornerstones: A/C spring maintenance for homeowners

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Have you noticed? Spring is in the air! The snow is melting, actual grass is visible, and the temperatures are steadily increasing (at least for the moment). In today’s episode of Contractor Cornerstones, we’re looking ahead to prepare for actual warm weather—by maintaining the air conditioner now.

Dos and don'ts from a professional

Service Manager Andy Miller of Lammers Heating & Air Conditioning in Jackson, Michigan, had a few suggestions for a standard central air conditioner:

  • DO: Spray the outside unit off with a hose using normal household pressure. 
  • DON'T: Use a power washer, which can cause damage.
  • DO: Keep grass clippings and other vegetation away from the unit by using a weed killer or uprooting foliage by hand.
  • DON'T: Use a weed wacker near your air conditioning unit — you could damage the fins, potentially causing coolant leaks. 

Save some money!

Of course, Andy recommends a maintenance tune-up as well, but only to save you money in the long run.

“While a standard annual tune-up may run around $80 or $90, an air conditioner failure could cost $100s in repairs, or quite a bit more in replacement,” Andy said. “Regular service calls should prevent those extra visits, and they’ll also keep your machine running efficiently, saving you quite a bit in energy costs as well.”

So while you’re opening windows and enjoying that refreshing breeze, take a moment to maintain your A/C—It’ll keep you cooler later!

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