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Tech too hot: 3 ways to prevent an overheated computer (or other tech)

Whether you’re cozied up to your favorite window, working “al fresco” on your back patio,  or catching a signal on the beach, the tech devices

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3 ways to banish HVAC smells

What smells come to mind when you think of home? Is it your favorite food, flowers from the garden, or fresh coffee? For many, the scent is pleasant, but if you notice anything stinky wafting through… Read More

Stop, drip, drop, and roll: How to fix a leaky faucet like a pro

Hey, fellow home improvement enthusiasts! We're diving into a common household frustration: The bane of many homeowners’ existence – the leaky faucet. You know the sound – that incessant drip, drop,… Read More

How to fix a clogged sink — easy options for smooth flow

So, you’re staring down at your sink while it drains slower than a snail on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We’ve all been there. But fear not! Once you’ve figured out what’s causing that clog — Hair?… Read More

How to improve low water pressure in your shower

Many of us hit the shower to rinse off another busy day or start the next one anew, but nothing can throw a wrench in your daily routine like low water pressure. Take that wrench and fix it with… Read More

5 tips to keep your instant hot water dispenser flowing smoothly

If you can't start your day without a piping hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, you probably rely on your trusty instant hot water dispenser. These little marvels are a game-changer, but like… Read More

Garage door opener maintenance in 6 easy steps

Whether the weather is good or bad, an automatic garage door opener is just super convenient — right up until it doesn’t work. The good news is that some simple maintenance for this useful appliance… Read More

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Gutter cleaning may not be the most exciting topic, but it's a home maintenance task that can save you from headaches and costly repairs down the road. Neglecting your gutters can lead to a range of… Read More

Don’t let bad home maintenance habits haunt these major home systems!

The last chunk of the year is in full swing. As we get our homes ready for cooler temperatures and the holidays, it’s also time for important seasonal maintenance. Make sure you’re preserving your… Read More
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