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Love That Perfect Yard? Maintain Your Sprinkler System

Love That Perfect Yard? Maintain Your Sprinkler System

My husband takes enormous pride in his yard. The hedges must align, the grass must be cut in perfect rows, and above all, each blade must be a lush, dark green. So you can imagine how he’s less than enthused when summer comes along and cooks it down to a crispy brown. He does his best with a hose sprinkler, but if you have a sprinkler system installed, you can be sure he’s a little green himself. So enjoy it! And maintain it, so you can keep that lushness going as long as feasibly possible.


Check out these 10 Practices to Maintain Your Sprinkler System* to learn where to install your sprinklers, when and how long you should run them, how often you should inspect them, and when to call in the professionals.

If you’ve run into some issues and you’re a DIY homeowner, here are some Do-It-Yourself Solutions to Irritating Irrigation Problems* that could save you a buck or two.

Visit APHW.COM for more home maintenance tips, and call 888.351.3681 to get peace of mind with a home warranty on your home today – now featuring coverage options for lawn sprinkler systems!

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