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Why Do You Renew? Tell Us!

Why do you renew? What is it that makes you say, “I’m signing up for that again!” for a service? We’ve had our fair share of renewals here at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), but we want to hear from you: Why do you choose to renew with APHW?

Here are some reasons our customers have given us in the past:

  • “It was a huge positive knowing I could renew, especially because it can be a monthly payment instead of having to pay up front. On top of that, APHW is very, very easy to work with. Everyone is so personal and kind. I’ve never had any problems or been put off—I wish everything was this easy!” ~C. McKinch, Michigan
  • “I called at 7 o’ clock on a Friday night, and there’s someone to answer the phone. I didn’t have to wait for a company-approved contractor to come over and tell me what’s what—I can call my own guy to come and look at it and fix it right away. I stick with APHW because it’s great, and I’ll keep renewing it year after year.” ~D. Anaya, Minnesota
  • “It was all just so much faster and smoother than I thought it was going to be. Once we understood the process and how easy it was, we can’t imagine not having a home warranty.” ~C. Perkinson, Alabama

Is it the customer service? The value? Is it the 24/7/365 availability, or that you can choose any licensed contractor for claims? Is it something else entirely?

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