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Contractor Strictly Chooses APHW

They say money makes the world go around—but it can also cause a full-stop. That’s why business owner Brian Wright only works with home warranties from America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

“These other companies drive my techs crazy,” Brian said, describing a waiting period to receive payment for each completed call. “That’s just too much money my company’s throwing out there.”

But APHW’s payment process is fast and easy, both for Metro Detroit-based Wright Maintenance and their customers. “I love it!” Brian exclaimed. “As soon as I get off the phone, I send in the invoice, and I get paid before I even get to my truck.”

Brian also appreciates how APHW customers choose their own licensed contractors, and that the company trusts his professional opinion regarding claim determinations—he’s had the unfortunate experience where one didn’t.

“I had a furnace client with a different home warranty company, and they wouldn’t accept that it was normal wear and tear because they didn’t have the previous maintenance report,” he said. “I have never seen someone be able to produce that – and the guy had just moved in like a month before.”

These experiences led Brian to research more deeply, and he now expounds APHW to any client he can. “APHW has a fair price, and they’re spot-on with estimates every time,” he said. “Also if I happen to get disconnected, they call me right back.”

In the end, Brian wants to ensure his customers receive the best possible home warranty option. “I was clueless to home warranties a year ago, but once I got into the research, I could tell that APHW stood out,” he said. “Now their brochures are part of my package, and I strictly deal with APHW.”