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We’ve Got Goosebumps! CSRs Trained in ‘Chill’

With A/C season right around the corner, America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) wanted to ensure easy communication between contractors and their customer service representatives (CSRs). Enter Andy Miller, a service manager for Lammers Heating & Cooling in Jackson, Michigan, to train them in ‘chill.’

“APHW hired me to teach a refresher course on air conditioning components, equipment, and general knowledge,” Andy said. He displayed the common parts and components of an air conditioner to the CSRs, explaining how and why they might fail, and the causes behind it.

“It’s different when you can touch and see the equipment—when you can discuss it with a professional—than it is just to Google the part,” said Rusty, the Call Center Operations Manager at APHW. “The development of our people is critical. When you know your job inside and out, it makes you more efficient and less stressed at the end of the day.”

Andy visited the company once before as well, covering furnace parts and components. “This sort of training is very proactive,” he said. “It helps their CSRs know what contractors are talking about over the phone—now they can picture the parts being discussed.”

The employees showed plenty of interest in the sessions, engaging with the technician. “They asked a lot of questions both times, even some questions I wasn’t expecting,” Andy said, adding that he’s pleased to see APHW pushing the education. “We deal with a lot of other home warranty companies that know nothing about what we’re talking about, and it’s like pulling teeth,” he said. “Giving them an idea of what we’re telling them helps us out.”

“Being able to support the industry with knowledgeable people is great for everybody,” Rusty said, adding that APHW’s employee development program will host more of this type of training in the future. “It feels good that we can do this as a company—it’s a win for everyone.”