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Home warranty reviews: The iceman (didn’t) cometh

The warmer the weather gets, the colder you want your drinks. Jerry Laliberte wasn’t getting any ice in his Charlotte, North Carolina home though… his refrigerator ice maker had frozen production, and it was time to call America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

“The whole claim process took maybe 10 minutes,” Jerry said. “It was quick and easy, and the lady was really, really nice on the other end.”

The customer service representative advised Jerry to choose a licensed contractor to look at the problem and provide a repair quote. “My contractor had worked with an APHW home warranty before, so he knew the process,” Jerry said, adding that the follow-up call only took about 10 minutes, too. “Then he did the job and sent me the receipt. I forwarded it on to APHW, and it was good from there.”

APHW approved the claim and saved Jerry a few hundred dollars for his claim—and not for the first time. “When we first moved in, some of the appliances were a little bit older, and they went within our first year. We were able to work with APHW then, too,” he said. “We’ve never had a hard time. They’re really easy to deal with and it’s a quick process.”

Jerry and his wife intend to renew their home warranty with APHW when the time comes. “We’ll just keep going with them year after year,” he said. “When your appliance goes and you’re only paying $50 for an $800 repair, it’s well worth it!”

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