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Building Relationships Through Customer Service Excellence

What makes you return to a service business over and over again? I’ll bet you it has less to do with the service itself than the customer service that came with it. For Antuian Bradford out of Hermitage, Tennessee, customer service is exactly why he plans on returning to America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) when his contract renewal comes up.

Antuian first discovered this customer service standard when he filed a claim for his dryer, and then again for his microwave.

“Both times I’ve had to call, the customer service person was very pleasant and very knowledgeable. They’re accommodating, and they make sure to provide us with the most accurate information they have,” he said. “They made sure I understood what the warranty covered and what our next steps were.”

Those next steps involved selecting his contractor of choice to diagnose the problem.
“It was just easy to be able to shop around and read some reviews and things like that, as opposed to having to accept the first contractor available,” he said. That freedom let Antuian unearth a couple of contractors with their own impressive brand of customer service.

“Each time we got a contractor out, they went over and beyond what we actually asked them to do,” Antuian said. “They educated us on what was going on and how to go about doing some things. They even let us know how to save money on the process.”

The folks who sold Antuian his home purchased the home warranty that came with it as an incentive to buy, and he’s glad they did. “It is a great investment, and one we’re looking to extend,” Antuian said. “It’s very cost effective, it’s not going to break the bank, and the return on it is tremendous.”

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