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Customer Review: ‘The warranty more than paid for itself’

While we love all positive reviews, we especially appreciate it when homeowners go into detail. Our thanks go out to Georgia homeowner David Christensen for this in-depth Google review of your experience!

“I bought an older home just over a year ago and an APHW warranty was included as part of the purchase. APHW stands head and shoulders above previous home warranty companies I have used because APHW allows me to select any [licensed] repair contractor of my choosing. In the past 12-months, I have had several systems in my home fail. Each time, APHW has been there to assist me and pay for the repair or a portion of the replacement. The warranty more than paid for itself and really helped me financially.

“Customer service staff have always been friendly and helpful when I need to file a claim, answering my questions and helping me to get the most out of my plan. Claims can be filed online, and payment of my claim has always been prompt. APHW has a variety of plans, deductible amounts, and add-on riders so you only pay for what you need.

“I like APHW so much that I just renewed my coverage for the coming year. I highly recommend APHW to anyone who is buying or selling a home, or anyone whose home is aging and would like some peace of mind regarding potential repairs.”

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