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Why Your Choice is Powerful

Why Your Choice is Powerful

It may seem like a minor detail that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) offers customers the ability to choose their own contractor for covered repairs—maybe something of a bonus. What most people do not realize, however, is the actual amount of power they are giving up without it.


  • You make the appointment to suit your convenience. No waiting on the warranty company to contact their contractor, after which the contractor calls and to set the appointment with you.
  • You choose who you are comfortable with. This matters, because this is someone who will be working around your home and family—it should be someone you trust.
  • You choose how you want your repairs completed. If you see a great deal on a better version of the item you need replaced, you can use your approved claim money toward the upgraded system. That’s buying power!


  • Once we receive your contractor’s diagnosis, we will give you and your contractor an immediate decision about coverage before any work is done. This allows you to decide how to proceed, and possibly negotiate with your contractor for an upgrade.
  • Replacements are not restricted to a warehouse with discount parts. If, for example, you need a new washer, based on our decision, you can decide what size or brand of machine you use your reimbursement toward.


  • Pay in full and be reimbursed by check in the mail, or we can pay the contractor over the phone, so you do not have to wait. When your air conditioner is out and you have a humid 95 degrees outside, you want that A/C—pronto. Our payment options allow your contractor to get right to work and get you cooled off!

Choice is paramount, so do not give it up—it could very well make the difference between a bad experience and a good one.