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Homeowner Switched to APHW to Choose His Own Licensed Contractor

You’ve heard us say: “With America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), you can choose ANY licensed contractor for covered claims!” But what does that even mean? And why should you find it valuable? Well, Ohio homeowner Joel Solloway has experienced the alternative—and he had a few things to say about it.

“Prior to going with APHW, we had another home warranty service for a number of years, and it became increasingly difficult to obtain service when we had an issue. They would always send out a service contractor, but they weren’t the most reputable—just whoever they could get. We had issues with one contractor when their company went bankrupt, and then we had someone for another issue about a year ago, and they sent out this electrical contractor… he was horrible, just terrible. So we dropped them, and after doing a lot of research we found APHW.

“I really enjoyed the fact that you could obtain your own contractor to do the work, and the whole process was very seamless in terms of being able to call the contractor that we know—reputable in the Cleveland area—to come out and assess the issue, and determine the best course of action. And then it’s easy to call back in to APHW for approval.

“APHW’s customer service is also excellent. I’ve found with other home warranty companies that they always try to find a reason not to provide you the warranty coverage that you pay for, and we didn’t find that issue with APHW at all. Our service rep was more than happy to assist in resolving the problem rather than trying to defer it away from them. It was, ‘Ok, let’s identify the problem and then we’ll go ahead and solve it the best way that we can.’

“From the very beginning it’s such an easy claims process, and you feel comfortable with the contractors because you’re the one doing the research. I would absolutely recommend APHW to other homeowners.”

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