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Contractor of Choice Gives You CONTROL During COVID-19

With America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), you can choose ANY licensed contractor for your claim. Seriously, ANY licensed contractor. Yes, we know… we’ve rung this bell a million times. But we still find a lot of people who don’t understand what a huge advantage this is, let alone the advantage it provides you during COVID-19. So… onward!


Most typical home warranties have a mixture of companies under contract to be on call for their customers. So when you have a breakdown, they pick someone under their contract, or offer you a specific choice between their contracted companies.

Here is why APHW strongly feels this decision should be yours alone:

  • You choose WHO comes into your home: Someone you know and trust.
  • You choose WHEN they get there: If you can’t get someone out fast from one company, you are 100% able to continue calling around until you CAN.
  • You choose WHERE they come from: When you have pipes flooding your basement, the opportunity to choose LOCAL can seriously minimize damage over waiting for someone who may be hours away.
  • The contractor you choose works for YOU, not us. This guarantees you a true third-party assessment of your problem, with no outside contract guiding what they can say.

Why is this especially important curing COVID-19? During this uncertain time, your local community is hurting. By helping to support local businesses, you are helping to support your local economy.

Take CONTROL and be a hero to your local contractors with APHW.

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