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How to make microwave cleaning easy

An open-faced rye bread sandwich with stuffing on top of sliced turkey on top of cranberry sauce in front of an open silver microwave with the clock reading "13:32"

Thanksgiving is once again kicking off the end-of-year parade of holidays. What could this mean except… LEFTOVERS! Seriously, who doesn’t love a good turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, gravy, and cheese melt on rye?

Okay, okay, you might not include ALL of that, but chances are your microwave is getting a workout this holiday season. Use this guide to help you give it a little TLC so it can continue to keep your holiday food warm and satisfying.

Microwave cleaning tips

There are many microwave cleaning tips to help you keep your microwave ready to do its best. Before you do any cleaning, be sure to unplug your microwave to avoid the risk of shock or damage!

Cleaning your microwave and plate cover weekly can help you avoid old food smells or hard-to-clean stains. By fully wiping the inside and outside of your microwave twice a month, you can prevent food bits from getting trapped, which could affect things like the seal of your microwave’s door. To soften stains, microwave a wet sponge with 2-5 drops of soap for 30-60 seconds before cleaning.

Cleaning is not just for your microwave’s interior. Make sure the outside matches the inside — clean the control panel and handle (if applicable) with mild soap and warm water on a microfiber cloth. Keep the “window” fingerprint-free by using a microfiber cloth and diluted window cleaner.

Bonus Tips

Once your microwave has been cleaned, take a moment to examine the state of inexpensive but important parts, such as the bulbs, plate roller, and turntables. Be sure to replace broken or damaged parts as soon as you can so your microwave can run in tip-top shape.

If yours needs anything beyond a simple replacement, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Microwaves are small, but mighty machines that may contain transformers capable of carrying 3,000 volts!

For shocking tips and tricks on how to make caring for kitchen appliances easy, explore our kitchen maintenance guide. For more information on how APHW can make unexpected system failures easy, check out our coverage guide or call 866.589.5767 today.

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