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Happy Thanks… giving? A Kitchen Tale

Imagine this…


John started coughing and couldn’t quite finish his festive greeting. That was definitely not the holiday aroma he’d been hoping for. When John could breathe again he walked to the kitchen, blinking back tears as the smell got worse. He found his mom on the phone while his dad mopped up what could only be described as grey goo all over the kitchen floor.

Sometimes the unexpected happens—and having to deal with it during the holidays just makes things more stressful.

But what if it were easier? What if you could get back to enjoying time with your family more quickly?

“What happened?” John asked, wondering if Thanksgiving dinner was cancelled.

“The sink backed up and overflowed before we could stop it,” said his dad. “Sorry about the smell.”

“Wow… guess we’re going out this year? There’s no way you’ll get that fixed by tomorrow.”

“You think so?” John’s dad winked. “Your mom’s on the phone with America’s Preferred Home Warranty, and I already know a licensed contractor who can come fix this. The warranty will pay him right away, too. I bet we’ll be done before noon tomorrow. Maybe even tonight.”

“I’ll take that bet. If I win, you’re buying dinner.”

“Sure. And if I win,” his dad grinned, “I want you to recreate that footie pajamas picture from the 3rd grade.”

Happy Thanksgiving indeed! The plumber happened to be free that night—and John’s dad got his picture.

Plumbing problems need to be fixed in a HURRY, and this story reflects over 3,000 approved plumbing stoppage clearing claims* for America’s Preferred Home Warranty customers in just the last few years, each of whom saved time, money, and stress, while getting their plumbing fixed fast.

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*Statistic pulled from America’s Preferred Home Warranty claims data as of Nov. 20, 2020.

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