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Home warranty reviews: ‘Patient with an old lady’

Age may be ‘just a number’, but at 82 years old, when your air conditioner goes out in Louisiana in August, you need it fixed FAST—preferably with as little stress as possible. That’s exactly what Carolyn Wheat got with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

“I think everybody’s A/C went on the fritz at the same time,” Carolyn recalled. “It started getting hotter and hotter, and I had this warranty, so I went ahead and called. The first young lady said if I had any trouble, it would be okay to call back to her directly. It was nice to know a name.”

After getting her claim started, Carolyn found a local contractor she felt comfortable with visiting her property. “You have to watch who you let into your house,” she shared, “but I was not at all worried. I called the people that my daughter had used, and the gentleman was very nice.”

A caucasian mail technician attends to a wall-mounted air conditioner

Following APHW’s easy, 3-step claims process, Carolyn called in a second time and asked for her original rep again. While that rep wasn’t available, Carolyn spoke with ‘another young lady’ instead and was equally impressed. “Both of them were just so polite and caring, and they didn’t keep me on the phone any longer than they needed to,” she described. “The service was unbelievable.”

The contractor advised Carolyn that her unit needed too much money to repair, so she said, “Well, I think I might get a new one, and whatever I get from APHW will be a bonus!” So that’s what she did, and APHW approved her claim.

Between this experience with APHW and her daughter’s problems with another home warranty, Carolyn shared that both she and her daughter planned to sign up with APHW the following year.

APHW has been “the best warranty company I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” Carolyn shared in a review on the Better Business Bureau website. “All the employees are friendly, patient with an old lady, and informative, and took all the time I needed. I’m not excited about additional problems, but if that happens, I feel secure with this company.”

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