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Homeowner Review: ‘My investment was repaid 10x over!’

Michael Kaplan isn’t your average homeowner. He moved his family 4,500 miles from Alaska to North Carolina over the course of eight days in an RV, towing their car behind them. Their new home appeared to have been beautifully maintained, but Michael wasn’t taking any chances after that trip; he negotiated a home warranty into the purchase contract. “I did a lot of research and saw that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) had a lot of good reviews,” Michael said. “That’s pretty difficult to find, so I picked them.”

Having upgraded the home warranty at closing, Michael’s investment started paying off almost immediately. “The first thing to go was our dryer. APHW paid the maximum amount on that, which almost covered what the seller had paid for the warranty,” he said. “Then we had some electrical issues, which was a big deal because we had to cut open walls to install higher breakers. Once again, APHW covered up to the max.”

Their air conditioner followed three months later. APHW approved that claim, and then followed up w/ approvals toward the replacement of both garage door openers.

“Altogether, it was way more than the overall cost of the warranty,” Michael said. “And I was always happy with how easy it was to get a hold of APHW customer service. I never had to wait on hold very long, claim approval was quick, and the reimbursement checks came in a reasonable amount of time. My investment was repaid ten times over, and it was all money I didn’t have to spend otherwise.”

Michael also noted that contractors have been much more inclined to take the job when he tells them they’ll get paid up front. “I know a lot of them have had bad experiences with payment in the past, so I always say don’t worry about it, I’m going to have APHW reimburse me,” he said. APHW can pay contractors right over the phone via credit card as well. “I’ve used everything from large companies for the air conditioning to individual sole proprietor plumbers and electricians who worked for themselves, and it didn’t matter, because I always got paid.”

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