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Contractor Issues Made Her Switch—And Discover Her Reason to Renew

When Gilbert, Arizona native Alyssa Ward purchased her home, she had previous experience with a Home Warranty—something she was in no hurry to experience again. On the last go-around, there were some serious problems with the quality of work.

“They sent out the same contractor like five times,” Alyssa said, “and they not only didn’t fix the issue, but created more issues. That’s one of the big reasons I went with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), because you could choose your own contractor.”

About a month after closing on her home, Alyssa’s garage door opener broke down, and it was time to see if APHW lived up to its high review rating on, which is where she discovered the company.

“I called up America’s Preferred Home Warranty, and I didn’t hardly have to hold at all. Then I found a contractor on Yelp, and he was able to come out that same day,” Alyssa said, adding that after the contractor spoke with APHW, they not only approved the claim, but approved a second claim for something else he noticed.

Alyssa was able to pay her contractor in full with her credit card, on the promise that APHW would send her reimbursement in the mail. “[The contractor] sent me an invoice, which I forwarded on,” she said. “And my reimbursement arrived exactly when they said it was going to!”

“Within the couple of months that I’ve had my house now, what the home warranty company has covered has actually reimbursed me for the whole year,” Alyssa enthused. “I’m actually planning to renew, now, when I hadn’t planned to. I’m so happy I chose this company!”

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