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Your spring to winter home maintenance checklist

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means we’ll soon enter a new one full of maintaining, updating, and personalizing your home. It can be difficult to keep up with your major appliances and home systems as the seasons change, but luckily, we’re here to help! Whether you measure your years by holiday seasons or spring’s first blooms, our list of top ten tips is here to help you care for your home year-round!

Winter maintenance tips

Winter is here, and so is the need for cold-weather maintenance. Between your seasonal gatherings, use these articles to make sure your home is both ready for holiday hosting and safe to be left alone while you travel.

1. Furnace humidifier maintenance

When it comes to keeping your home warm all winter long, the furnace is the star of the show. The furnace humidifier serves as your furnace’s right-hand man, and it has maintenance needs all its own. With our furnace humidifier maintenance checklist, you’ll be ready to keep this component in tip-top shape.

2. Snow and ice removal

Winter brings the constant action of keeping walkways free of ice and snow. Simplify this homeowner labor of love with our snow and ice removal guide.


Salt scattered on a path made of pavers


3. Meet your needs AND wants while staying on budget                                                                                

As homeowners all over the country tally holiday spending and budget for the year ahead, it can be tricky enough to leave room for wants while handling essential costs. With different options for coverage, you can find ways to add security for your home and family that are just right for you.  

Spring maintenance tips

Once spring has sprung, the articles below can help you get ready before the flowers are in full bloom.

4. HVAC maintenance

Spring brings allergies, so at the top of the season, it’s important to go through your home and change your HVAC filters. Our HVAC filter tutorial is here to answer your FAQs and help you breathe easy.

5. Smoke alarm safety

Spring isn’t just for cleaning — it’s also a perfect time for your biannual smoke alarm safety check. To make it easier to remember, complete your biannual smoke alarm maintenance when Daylight Saving Time starts or ends.


A white man uses a screwdriver to open a smoke alarm


Summer maintenance tips

Summertime is the best time for fast and easy maintenance, allowing you to spend more time on the sun-filled activities you love!

6. Dishwasher maintenance

This is barbecue season — make sure your dishwasher is ready to handle the next load so you can be free to enjoy more summer fun. Read our dishwasher maintenance guide to make sure it’s ready when you are.

7. Dryer safety

After putting another hectic academic year in the books, many families take the kids and hit the road. The last thing anyone wants is their dryer to catch fire or malfunction just before a family vacation. Use our easy dryer safety checklist to give your dryer a quick once-over and avoid dryer disaster.

8. Backyard transformation

Whether you’re all about the comfort decorating phenomenon or it’s simply time to take your backyard to the next level, our backyard transformation guide can help you clear up your green space and create the outdoor sanctuary of your dreams.


A white man in a gray T-shirt and navy shorts throws a pink towel into a dryer


Fall maintenance tips

After another stellar summer, it’s time to get a head start on all things fall. Our guides below can help you cover your bases before the cold snap hits.

9. Preparing for fall

Preparing for fall can feel overwhelming, but our fall home checklist is your one-stop shop for making sure your home is ready for the new season, inside and out.

10. Avoid frozen sprinklers

Each winter, many have a plan in place to make sure the pipes inside their home don’t freeze, but the underground plumbing of your sprinkler system can easily be left out of the equation. Our guide on winterizing your sprinkler system makes it easy to prep the plumbing inside and outside your home.

That’s it! Now, you’re equipped with the tips you need to keep your house in great shape all year long!

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