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Selling your home? Protect yourself with ListSecure®

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As if selling your home isn’t complicated enough. You hope for a fast and easy sale, but home sales that close more quickly (skipping things like home inspections and home warranties) are more likely to result in your buyer suing you if they find something wrong after closing. But what can you do? Easy: Protect your listing with ListSecure® through America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

Listing your home for sale

When you consider listing your home for sale, your first thought should be to list with a real estate professional. Yes, selling your home without a REALTOR® might net you more money, but only if you have the training and skill to navigate all of the paperwork, marketing, filing, taxes, various payoffs and transitions, and legalities. In the end, you might as well have hired your own slew of professionals—whereas listing your home with a REALTOR® takes care of most of that for you.

Your second thought should be to request that your real estate professional set up your listing with APHW, so that you can qualify for ListSecure® coverage among multiple other benefits.

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Protect your sale, and your wallet

Most people think of a home warranty as protection for the buyer, but listing your home with an APHW home warranty contract through a real estate professional provides you with multiple benefits as well.

  • It helps your listing stand out in the market, and may help it sell faster and for more money, providing coverage and peace of mind for potential buyers against unexpected expenses, for their first full year in the home after closing.
  • It provides complimentary coverage* for you (with no expiration date and no payment due until closing), toward potential repairs that could make or break an agreement with a buyer.
  • Both you and your buyer can choose ANY licensed contractor for approved claims! This means you can choose someone you trust in your home, schedule them at your convenience (often that same day), and choose how to spend approved claim payments.
  • It includes ListSecure® protection for you in the event of a post-sale legal dispute.

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What is ListSecure®?

Remember when we mentioned that your buyer could sue you? APHW can help protect your wallet if that happens, because homeowners who purchase an APHW home warranty for a property listed through a real estate professional may become eligible for our ListSecure® program.

Provided your warranty is still active at closing, ListSecure® provides you with two years of additional legal protection after closing, where you may receive up to $1,000 to cover your attorney fees in the event of a post-sale dispute. Terms and conditions do apply.**

So, are you selling your home?

Start with finding yourself a real estate professional, then list your home for sale with an America’s Preferred Home Warranty contract. Our 24/7/365 award-winning customer service team are here for you—and your buyer—anytime.

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*Florida Only: Customers must purchase the Seller Preferred Upgrade to receive listing coverage, which will include the Standard Coverage items.

**ListSecure® is not available in Utah.