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Customer review: Home warranty listing coverage saved us $100s

As executrix of the estate after her brother’s passing, Karen Murfey needed help to sell his Ohio home. Thankfully she had another sibling in the real estate business, REALTOR® Greg Shemitz of Lauren Baker Group with Keller Williams Living. He listed the house for her, advising on the importance of home warranty listing coverage, and recommending America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Karen agreed.

“I figured it would just be easier to sell with the warranty on it,” Karen explained—though it turned out to be far more useful than she expected.

“There was a plumbing problem with a vent stack that had to be replaced, and also a tub trap that had an issue,” Greg described. “APHW covered that for Karen, and she was thrilled! The reimbursement more than offset the cost of the warranty.”

“We really made out on it,” Karen said. “If we hadn’t had the warranty, we would’ve had a big expense, and it just made things easier.”

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Home warranty listing coverage highly recommended

“We always recommend that the seller offer a home warranty,” Greg said. “You’ll more than likely end up providing one before the property closes, so you might as well pick APHW at listing and be covered during the listing period.”

On top of great coverage, APHW provides an excellent experience as well, Greg added.

“The customer service is outstanding, the claims process is very simple and straightforward, and they just do a great job of coordinating, making sure the process is clear, and that things get resolved satisfactorily for the client,” he said. “We’ve had clients thank us for recommending it, especially those who get to use it during listing. They’re just pleasantly surprised that it’s such an easy thing to get taken care of.”

And Karen’s initial thought of an easier sale applies as well. “Any time you can offer something of value, such as a solid home warranty, it definitely helps to put a buyer’s mind at rest,” Greg said. “Then if something major goes wrong, they know they’ve got a solid company to back it up.”

“I would definitely recommend APHW,” Karen concluded.

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How do I get home warranty listing coverage?

When you list your home for sale, be sure to ask your real estate professional about adding America’s Preferred Home Warranty to your listing! Discover more about what we cover or call 800.648.5006 today for more information.

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