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REALTOR® review: Last minute listing warranty

They say timing is everything, which was exactly the case with Texas homeowner and REALTOR® Marilyn Parker. She happened to attend a Continuing Education course right before listing her own home for sale, where she heard about America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

“One of their sales managers came in to give us quick profile of the company, and she was just delightful,” Marilyn said. “The big selling point for us, though, was that you could use your own licensed contractor if anything needed to be repaired—you didn’t have to go with somebody you didn’t know. So we kept her name for the future, and when I listed my house, we listed it with an APHW home warranty.”

An industry study shows that including a home warranty on your home listing helps it to sell faster and for more money, though Marilyn’s intent was more about peace of mind for her buyer. The inspection had come back clean and there was already an accepted offer on the house: “We were getting close to closing,” Marilyn said, “when the A/C suddenly quit.”

Well, there was no way Marilyn would leave her buyer without a working air conditioner, “No way no how!” she said. She was ready to pay for it herself when her daughter Robyn (also a REALTOR®) noted that APHW might be able to help with the cost. So they filed a claim.

“This was the first time we’d used APHW, but then it was the first time we’d heard of them. We called our repair people that we’d used for years (they’d actually installed the original A/C unit). One thing led to another, and we got the max reimbursement!” Marilyn said.

After this experience, Marilyn said she and her daughter “would absolutely” recommend APHW to future clients, both buyers and sellers. “APHW helped out with getting things taken care of, and it was nice that we could use our own licensed contractor,” Marilyn said.

Sellers who list with an APHW home warranty experience a host of other benefits as well. Discover how our home warranty can help with your home sale: Inquire with your real estate agent today!

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