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Home warranty reviews: Amazing service—and safer too

Choosing your own licensed contractor is more than useful: It’s impactful. When we shared Michigan homeowner Katie Belock’s Google review of our company back in February, she chose to share more of her story—and how choosing her own contractor makes her feel safer as a single female living alone.

Safety in familiarity

“This is the biggest part: Being able to call a contractor that I know and am comfortable with,” Katie described. “I’d always been used to how my parents did it with their home warranty; the warranty company would send one of their approved contractors (some really interesting characters sometimes), and my parents had one come for their furnace that made both my mom and I feel uneasy.”

Katie explained that choosing a trusted contractor prevents her from feeling the need for the typical self-defense mechanisms most women employ when having a stranger in their home. “I get to use my plumber of 12 years and electrician of two years with no problem. I don’t feel like I have to be on my guard, like I have to call my brother to come over or say things like, ‘Oh my husband will be home soon,’ while a technician is here,” she said. “Just feeling safe and inviting someone that you know into your home is light years better than the others!”

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Fast & amazing service

The previous homeowners included a one-year APHW contract with the home when Katie purchased it. This worked out perfectly, as things started breaking down pretty quickly.

“My house is 17 years old. It’s the first home I’ve ever purchased, and it’s important to pay attention to the underlying items,” she said. “Within two weeks of getting my house, the spring on my garage door broke, and within a couple of months the water heater went.

“It was so expensive, and I had just purchased the home and maxed out my finances, so to get the money for the water heater was just such a blessing, honestly. And the whole process was so seamless! APHW made a bad situation really good, and I feel like that really sealed the deal for me.”

Katie’s ceiling fan went a little later. “My home is kind of like a greenhouse (lots of windows), and during the summer it’s blazing hot. So I called it in, got a contractor out, and it turned out the sunlight had warped the blades and messed up the motor. APHW talked to both of us, and he installed a new fan!”

After that claim, Katie discovered APHW had started offering direct deposit for approved claims payments, getting her money to her super-fast. “Now instead of receiving a check in the mail, I receive it direct deposited into my account like magic!” she exclaimed. “It’s just so fabulous!”

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Renewed and recommended

“I did choose to renew, and I actually decided to upgrade,” Katie added. “I was really happy with the plan, so I mean—of course! If you’re someone who’s never had a home warranty, or you’re a first-time home buyer, this was easy, and APHW is always amazing with everything. You can upload things on the website, and there’s next to no wait time ever for customer service.”

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