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Home warranty reviews: APHW payments are FAST

Surprise home expenses are stressful. A home warranty can help ease this stress, but reimbursements take forever, right? Not according to our customers! But don’t take our word for it: Read actual home warranty reviews from homeowners across the states—they all agree that America’s Preferred Home Warranty payments are fast!

Home Warranty Reviews

Lazanna Christian (North Carolina)
“The staff at the customer service center have been helpful and courteous. They have good response time with requests. I love being able to pick my own contractor, and they have several options for contractors to be paid, even paying them by credit card over the phone. The payment is sent by mail within a week. Great experience so far!”

Robbi Beauchamp (Oklahoma)
So glad we have this warranty! They were super helpful on the phone. Submitting a claim was seamless and I had my refund in less than a week!

Megan Billingsly (Louisiana)
“They’re all very friendly, warm and welcoming. Anytime I had any questions, somebody was there to answer. They helped do my claim in a quick manner, and also issued my reimbursement in a timely manner! Never had any issues!”

Chuck Cashin (Ohio)
“We were two weeks from the expiration of our warranty period when our 20-year-old central air conditioner decided it was time to change its outdoor capacitor and the associated switch mechanism. I contacted the claims area at APHW electronically on a Sunday afternoon — and called the local HVAC company. The technician came by Monday afternoon. I called APHW while he was here, as is prescribed in the instructions to obtain work approval (which was almost instantaneous). Air conditioning repaired, I wrote the HVAC tech a check and submitted the paid invoice electronically to APHW Monday afternoon. I had a check reimbursing me — delivered by USPS that Friday. Wonderful turnaround! The warranty more than paid for itself in one service call. We have now renewed our warranty for another year and will continue with them for the foreseeable future.”

Mindy Shirley (Iowa)
They are very easy to work with and reimbursement came quickly.

April Knolton (Michigan)
The monthly premium is affordable and competitive. My claim experience was easy and straightforward. The certified technician came out, I gave America’s Preferred Home Warranty a call, they spoke to the tech, they asked for a copy of my home inspection and approved my claim for the full repair amount within 15 minutes. I received my reimbursement — within 4 business days! I had service on Monday and received [my] reimbursement check in my mailbox on Saturday!

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Scott Sabol (Pennsylvania)
5-star quality and excellent service. Quick with the assessment and payment of claim.

Marsha Ackerman (Minnesota)
APHW has been great to work with! I can use any vendor that I choose and reimbursement was very efficient!

Karen Goldsmith (Florida)
I used several other home warranty companies [before] I found APHW. I will not go back to any of them. APHW is affordable, easy to file claims and for contractors to get in contact with to get approval for the needed work. I have been quickly reimbursed when I have paid the contractor. You get to choose your own contractor!!!

David Christensen (Georgia)
I bought an older home just over a year ago and an APHW warranty was included as part of the purchase. APHW stands head and shoulders above previous home warranty companies I have used, because APHW allows me to select any repair contractor of my choosing. In the past 12 months, I have had several systems in my home fail. Each time, APHW has been there to assist me and pay for the repair or a portion of the replacement. The warranty more than paid for itself and really helped me financially. Customer service staff have always been friendly and helpful when I need to file a claim, answering my questions and helping me to get the most out of my plan. Claims can be filed online and payment of my claim has always been prompt. APHW has a variety of plans, deductible amounts, and add-on riders so you only pay for what you need. I like APHW so much that I just renewed my coverage for the coming year. I highly recommend APHW to anyone who is buying or selling a home, or anyone whose home is aging and would like some peace of mind regarding potential repairs.

Sara K. Petroni (Texas)
Thank goodness APHW [had] our backs!! Service payment was prompt and our claims were swift and very knowledgeable!! Thank you!

Lynn Boresi (Missouri)
We bought our house a year ago and got the additional spa coverage on our warranty, wanting the peace of mind that our 15-year-old spa would be covered. Thankful we had it, because the motherboard went out on it a few months later. The process to receive reimbursement was simple and very fast. We actually had a second (unrelated) issue with the spa and had the same favorable experience with being reimbursed. We are so impressed with America's Preferred Home Warranty that we purchased another year of coverage.

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Home warranty reviews say a lot; ACH says more

It’s important for customers to get reimbursed quickly. To speed reimbursements up even more, we’ve introduced our new ACH direct deposit, which means you get your money even faster for approved repairs and replacements! When you’re an APHW customer, we can help. Get your FREE home warranty quote or call 866.311.5712 today for more information!

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