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Contractor review: Service and simplicity attract contractor to APHW

It’s one thing when a contractor is willing to work through a home warranty. It’s quite another when that contractor has literally worked on the warranty’s headquarter building! It speaks volumes to the amount of trust and respect they have for each other, and Rooney’s Sewer Service out of Jackson, Michigan, had plenty to say themselves.

“America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is super simple,” said Tom Rooney, owner of the sewer service which assisted APHW with a plumbing issue in their building. “They know their job, and they know exactly what they can and can’t cover. If I have any questions, they listen to me, and they’re very good about clearing things up.”

Tom and his company have been working through APHW warranties for several years with their clients. “It’s been three or four years,” Tom said, adding that APHW’s work with local real estate agencies has helped his business. “They get us onboard with new homebuyers. Someone would buy a home, and then a pump would fail, or a sewer would back up, and we can just come on out.”

Rooney’s has become a sort of side-step warranty advisor to their clients over the years, too, in respect to filing a claim. When a homeowner is antsy about the process, Tom will just explain to them how easy it is. “We guide them through calling APHW, they talk to the claims rep, and then hand the phone over to us. We tell them how much we need for the job, and APHW pays us.”

It’s just been a good overall experience over the years for Tom to work with APHW. “It’s easy for a contractor to work with America’s Preferred Home Warranty,” he said. Tom even stood up in a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast to personally acknowledge APHW’s customer service to their Chamber representative, HR Manager Susan Town-Richards.

“When we opened up the floor for questions, Tom said he was working with a homeowner a couple weeks ago on a plumbing problem, and when they called APHW, someone answered the phone right away, and the process was so seamless and smooth,” Susan said, adding, “And he said that, as a contractor, he would highly recommend APHW as a home warranty company to work with.”

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