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How to stay cool in the summer

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It’s the hottest time of the year again. If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat  – don’t sweat it­! We’ve got the info you need to stay cool all summer long.

Keep comfy and cool at home

Your home can be the ideal place for cool, peace, and quiet. Here are a few steps you can take to stay cool at home — and maybe even lower your electric bill! 

Get in the tub or pool 

Getting in the water is a great way to cool down. If your home doesn’t have a pool or there isn’t one nearby, you might consider visiting a nearby lake, river, or water park.

Another option is to spend an afternoon frolicking through your sprinkler system or simply cooling your feet in a tub of water. However you choose to stay cool, getting a good soak works as instant relief from the summer heat!


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Spend more time in the coolest rooms, like the basement 

Save yourself the time and energy you’d normally spend cooling the whole house and hang out in your basement instead. Many basements come with many of the amenities the upper floors have to offer, so treat this part of your house like a great escape as you use it to stay cool. 

While you’re down there, take a few minutes replace your furnace air filters to maximize your air conditioner’s cooling efficiency and help it last longer.

Limit your use of heat-generating appliances 

Summer is the ideal time to reduce the number of hours you spend each week using your stove, oven, and dryer. Consider making more cold meals (like sandwiches and delicious summer salads), taking more cold showers, and air-drying your hair and clothes instead.

Smart plumbing features can be a great assist to help you spend less time running hot water and  more time easily keeping cool.

  • Smart showerheads can help you reach your ideal temperature quickly
  • When you do need hot water, smart faucets will stop when your cup, pitcher, or pot is full
  • Smart water leak detectors can detect toilet leaks early to prevent gradual heat increase

By using these modern features, your household can limit the amount of hot water being used and catch leaks earlier while avoiding major changes to your way of life.

Switch to A/C 

Most electric fans and whole house fans are helpful until temps climb into the 90s. At that point, it’s time for more efficient cooling solutions to shine, like air conditioning. By keeping your home’s air conditioning in good working order, it’ll be ready and waiting when the need strikes.


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Watch your windows 

If you live in an area where it’s cool in the mornings and evenings, opening your windows for a short time each day can help circulate new, cooler air in your home. Just be sure to close your windows once temperatures start climbing – and check for your home for drafts if your home has a hard time cooling down.

Audit your home energy use

If taking the measures above doesn’t seem to lower the amount you pay for your summer energy bill, consider a DIY energy audit to address excess energy use in your home.

Have you had too much sun? Do you feel sick?

Heat can affect us more than we realize—refer to the CDC's guidelines to enjoy your summer safely, and use the following tips to make sure you and your loved ones have a backup plan in case you find yourself in need of emergency cooling treatment.

You can reduce your risk of sun- or heat-related illness by doing the following:

  • Drink water, sports drinks (in moderation), and/or clear juices (including the seasonal favorite: lemonade)
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Wear light-colored clothes
  • Check for heat advisories before going outside
  • Take regular breaks while working or playing outside  

With these plans in place, you can safely enjoy summer’s warmth and stay cool all season long!