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The full return of the whole house fan

Many of us remember hot summer afternoons spent watching streamers ripple out of the window A/C unit or fighting with our siblings to hold “concerts” in front of the rotating fan. While those half-open windows and cooling ‘microphones’ may bring back memories, there is something to be said for discreet fans that take up less open space in your home. Whole house fans are experiencing a resurgence—and for good reason. The information below can help you find out if a whole house fan is right for you.

According to the US Department of Energy, whole house fans take the air coming in through open windows and push it out through your attic and roof, simultaneously ventilating your attic and cooling your home.

Whole house fans were invented in the early 1900s, though they did not become a regular addition to homes until the ‘50s and ‘60s. Air conditioners had a similar rise to fame, but they overtook whole house fans as a more luxurious and popular choice. So, if the whole house fan is air conditioning’s less famous, less glamorous cousin, why is it making a comeback?

The age of environmental awareness, combined with a traditional interest in budget-friendly options that you don’t need to leave running all day, has made whole house fans the top option. Newer models are also considerably quiet, which adds to the list of why they are suddenly so desirable—especially in an era when so many of us have been spending extra time at home.

Perhaps grandma was on to something when she raved about the simplicity of her whole house fan. Imagine if you had a whole house fan installed in your home, with a fresh batch of air making its way through your home as often as every 10 minutes; you’d have all that cool air circulating indoors and less money circulating out of your wallet.

So, what will you decide? Use the list below as a guide, and find more tips on how to stay covered by calling 866.394.8767 or visiting APHW.COM today.

Should You Get a Whole House Fan?

Whole house fan pros

  • Able to keep you cool at most warm temperatures
  • Typically quieter than air conditioning
  • Less expensive than air conditioning
  • Often easily converted to do double duty as whole-house ventilation

Whole house fan cons

  • Whole house fans cannot be installed in homes without attics
  • Not ideal for homes in areas with very high heat or humidity
  • Capable of making noise (if poorly dampened/installed)

Already have a whole house fan? Learn how best to use it here!

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