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6 hot budgeting tips to have a cool summer

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Summer is heating up, and it’s time to plan for cooling costs. How can you avoid an enormous bill without suffering in sweltering heat? By using these tried and true money-saving methods, of course! Don’t suffer this summer–use these tips to stay cool and come in under budget.

Tip #1: Check for leaks

One of the easiest ways to save on your cooling bill is to make sure you’re not sharing your A/C with the whole neighborhood. Check all windows for leaks, and use caulk or weather stripping to seal holes. If you’re not sure where the leaks might be, contact your local energy provider for a home energy audit.


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Tip #2: Use blackout curtains

Sunshine beaming into your windows can help keep your house warm, which is great in the cooler months, but unhelpful during summer. Draw or lower your window treatments during the day to help keep your home cooler without having to adjust the thermostat.

Tip #3: Keep the thermostat away from extreme heat or cold

If your thermostat is next to a warm appliance or in a beam of sunlight, it’s going to register that extra heat as a reason to get your A/C running again. If possible, clear or move any portable sources of hot or cold air. If the thermostat is in line with a window, draw the curtains or blinds so your thermostat won’t fluctuate due to its surroundings.


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Tip #4: Use a fan

The tried-and-true standing fan, ceiling fan, and whole house fan can bring you different levels of relief from the summer heat. Use the version available to you that will cover your cooling needs.

  • Standing fan: Cooling one room, 1-2 people, or for a very short period of time
  • Ceiling fan: Cooling one room, up to the room’s capacity, for an extended period of time
  • Whole house fan: Cooling several rooms, several people, up to the entire day

Tip #5: Raise it up

Running your A/C on a low temperature all day forces it to keep kicking on for shorter spells. Set the temperature higher at night and while you’ll be gone for the day to lower the cost of running air conditioning per hour. When you get home in the evening, crank it down to your desired temperature, and enjoy the comfort. Your A/C will run for a bit to get things cool, but this will use less energy than running your A/C while you’re out all day long.

These are some handy tricks to keeping the bills down, but don’t forget the most important one, which is to properly maintain your A/C unit. Maintaining all your home’s cooling devices will help them last longer, limit or postpone repairs, and help them work more efficiently—all of which can save you money! 

Tip #6: Give your home a DIY energy assessment   

Sometimes, we burn through excess energy without even realizing it. Do a DIY home energy assessment to help you identify where energy is wasted, and where it’ll be easier for you to cut back. If you notice any major concerns, reach out to your utility provider for assistance. 

Bookmark this savvy advice so you and your household can stay cool all summer long! 

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