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Keep your pool clean with these 6 swimming pool cleaning supplies

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It’s time to peel back that pool cover and break open a new season of summer fun! But before your first cannonball, it’s important to make sure your pool is as ready as you are. Make sure you’ve got your basics covered this pool season with these six swimming pool cleaning supplies.

1. Use a pool skimmer net to easily remove debris 

The pool skimmer net takes care of any sizeable debris that finds its way into your blue waters. Your filtration system can handle the small stuff, but the larger leaves, large bugs, and other items that end up in the water ae best removed by your skimmer net to prevent you from needing a premature pool motor replacement. Leaves and other bits of nature can be tossed into your lawn or composted, and larger pieces of non-natural materials are probably better off in the trash. For best results, skim your pool every 24-48 hours.

2. Use telescopic poles for your swimming pool’s best clean

Telescopic poles are a must-have for cleaning the farthest reaches of your pool. These extendable poles make it easier to scrub every inch of your pool by working with brushes, squeegees, and vacuum heads to give your pool the clean it deserves.

3. Remove algae easily with swimming pool brushes

While the chemicals used to keep your pool water blue and clear take care of a lot of concerns, debris like the leaves you skim away still leave behind heavier sediment, which can create a breeding ground for algae. Two to three times a week, use a pool brush to knock sediment and debris loose to prevent any stains or algae buildup.

4. Wipe away the gross stuff with a pool squeegee

Squeegees are the sidekick to the swimming pool brush. Once the sediment and debris have been freed, retrace your steps with a squeegee to fully separate whatever was scrubbed up from the pool wall and floor, releasing it to be gobbled up by your filtration system and keep the clean water flowing.

5. Use a pool vacuum to suck up debris

The pool vacuum does exactly what it sounds like: It vacuums the floor of your pool. The difference between this and a pool brush is that the pool vacuum head sucks up whatever debris and grime gets knocked loose and funnels it into  a mesh bag. This preserves the life of your pool’s filtration system by giving it less gunk to process.


A robotic pool cleaner scrubs the bottom of a pool


6. Save time with a robotic pool cleaner

Modern technology can make necessary tasks much more convenient. By investing in a robotic pool cleaner, you can spend less time scrubbing and more time splashing. According to Swim University, one of these machines can run you $500 to $1,000 dollars. Though the price tag could be a deterrent, and you’ll still have to brush down the sides of your pool, a robotic pool cleaner can save your back and give you more hours to spend on summer fun.

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