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Don’t fumble your Big Game watch party – pick six with these home prep tips

An illustration of a kitchen ready for game day, once the cleaning is done


There’s nothing like hosting a watch party for the Big Game at your house, but what happens when your home system or appliance tries to sack your plans? We’ve got the special plays you need to get things working again before kickoff.

Get your kitchen ready for the big party

Everyone huddles in the kitchen to fill up on the best dips, drinks, and snacks. Take these steps to keep your kitchen clean, your food hot, and your drinks cold.

Tip 1: Refresh your freezer before game day

There’s nothing worse than having to make an ice run in the middle of a crucial play. Make sure your freezer is stocked with ice (that doesn’t taste like your freezer’s contents) by taking an hour at least one day before the game for some easy defrosting and freezer maintenance.


A tall freezer is open to reveal the frosted shelves inside


Tip 2: Prep your oven to work overtime

When’s the last time your oven got a good clean? With this step-by-step guide on oven maintenance, you can surprise your guest with great appetizers, instead of a shocking oven.

Tip 3: Give your garbage disposal a little love

After the Big Game comes the Big Cleanup. Sort your food waste more quickly with this list of garbage disposal dos and don’ts to prevent a clogged or stinky kitchen sink.

Pro Tip: Organize your small appliances ahead of time to give yourself more counter space and take stock to avoid a last-minute run for duplicates.

Tip 4: Got fans?

Your home can get warm with all the heat coming from your football fans. Even in the middle of a tense play, a well-functioning HVAC system can help guests keep their cool. Make time to easily maintenance your home’s exhaust fans and keep the clean air flowing.


A white woman in a long-sleeved shirt and ponytail cleans the bathroom mirror


Tip 5: Make sure your bathroom brings it

Your bathroom will need to be as prepared to host as you are. Welcome your guests with a fresh and gentle game day clean with these effective homemade cleaners. If you’re handy, you can also get started with some DIY bathroom upgrades ranging from LED light strips to a painted sink bowl!

Tip 6: Don’t forget your home fire safety equipment!

With so many appliances going and all your favorite people gathered in one place, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need in case of emergency. Review our home fire safety checklist before game day to make sure you and your guests are fully prepared.

No matter who wins on Sunday, you’ve got the tips you need to prevent any mishaps in the fourth quarter of your preparations, leaving you victorious.

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