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House Simple: Tips for oven maintenance



This helpful how-to video is accompanied by the transcript below, which features additional information to make maintenance a breeze (so the only thing getting hot will be your oven)!


Hey, homeowners! Jeff here for America’s Preferred Home Warranty. Today, we’ll be doing simple maintenance on one of your home’s most used appliances – the oven!

Between baking and roasting and broiling, your oven sees a lot of action. Without a little maintenance, it could break down quickly. With the steps below, you’ll learn how to easily clean your oven, making it work better and more easily for you.

Before you get started

You may be ready to make your oven look like new again, but keep these things in mind before initiating the process.

  • To stay safe and prevent shorting out the electrical system, always be sure to unplug your oven before any deep cleaning.
  • Spray cleaners on a cloth instead of the oven, making sure NOT to remove the knobs.

Cleaning the outside of your oven

  • To start, wipe down the outside with oven cleaner to get rid of grease and spills.
  • Clean your oven’s ventilation hood.
  • Remove the filter.

Gas oven cleaning vs. electric oven cleaning

If you have an electric oven, and it can be pulled out, now is a good time to inspect it and clean behind and underneath. Gas ovens should only be disconnected and moved by a professional.

Cleaning the inside of your oven

It’s time to tackle the inside! While a self-cleaning oven can do most of the work, you might need an oven cleaner. If old food is really baked on to the inside of your oven or oven racks, let your cleaner sit before wiping it away.

Cleaning the hood filter

Finally, soak your oven’s hood filter in a mix of hot water, baking soda and dish soap, giving it a good scrub and air dry before reinstallation.

And that’s it – now you’re ready to get cooking. Thanks for watching! Remember, keeping your oven in good shape helps it stay efficient and last longer.

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