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Easy upgrades to create your own bathroom oasis

A luxury white-and-gray bathroom with double mirrors, double sinks, a toilet, and a tub

You may have noticed your bathroom is due for a change, but who wants to spend thousands of dollars and endure weeks of messy construction while their bathroom is out of commission? With our guide on easy bathroom upgrades, you can turn any bathroom space into a home oasis that makes every day a spa day.

Brighten your day with modern bathroom lighting 

When you go into your bathroom each morning, are you met with harsh light that leaves you more startled than ready to start your day? These modern bathroom lighting ideas can you help you flip the switch with lighting fixtures and design choices that can light your way to a better day.

With light fixtures for every mood, you can find a new one or refurbish your current one to match the rest of your design decisions. Modern bathroom light fixtures offer such a variety that you can always keep with the theme, whether you choose to make a bold statement or let other design aspects take the lead. Some main types are:

  • Backlit vanity mirrors, which don’t cast shadows, but do save energy (LED versions)
  • Artistic chandeliers, to make a large bathroom feel more inviting by filling your view
  • Bar sconces, to give you plenty of light without taking up much space
  • Undercabinet lighting, for more gentle, localized light that also makes your bathroom feel more upscale

If you’re keeping the bulbs on your vanity mirror exposed, swap out the signature bulbs for ones that provide softer light. You can also soften the light by nestling the bulbs behind an appealing bulb shade (LED lights work best). Use smart bulbs and power strips to help you manage and monitor usage while you’re away.

Revamp your routine with vanity design         

Whether you’re doing your nighttime routine or getting ready for a big event, everything flows more smoothly when you’ve swapped out clutter for organization so you can enjoy the space. These bathroom vanity design tips can give yours the flavor and functionality that works best for you.

Intuitive bathroom vanity storage makes for a simpler setup

Where and how you keep things can play a major factor in your morning prep time and keep clutter to a minimum. Consider these solutions when you’re redoing your bathroom vanity storage:

  • Add below-counter multi-drawer organizers or pull-out drawers to keep all your stuff organized
  • Bring in a small kitchen or bar cart for items with more bulk or volume, like towels or hair tools

Go bold with a painted sink bowl

Paint my sink? Is that even possible? If you’re looking for an affordable way to update your pastel porcelain or ceramic sink, it sure is! Here’s how you can paint a sink so you won’t have to buy a new one.


Circular hanging mirrors with black frames


Turn your bathroom walls into a canvas for art 

Often a blank canvas lying in wait, you can use the borders of your bathroom to draw the room together according to your taste and needs. These creative and easily customizable options can show you how to decorate your walls to make your bathroom come alive.  

Make a statement with modern mirror wall décor

Unlike a medicine cabinet, bathroom mirrors aren't open and shut—you’ve got plenty of ways to customize! With modern mirror wall décor, you can choose a style that suits your space and your lifestyle.

  • Frameless mirrors can reflect more natural light, making a bathroom feel larger.
  • Contemporary bathroom mirrors come in an array of shapes and can double as art pieces when you don’t have much wall space.
  • To add storage, swivel vanity mirrors are an investment piece that allow you to keep toiletries or first aid supplies at the ready for guests and children alike.

Set the mood with modern bathroom wallpaper  

Once thought to be reserved for your grandparents’ house, wallpaper is back in style with a new attitude. Modern bathroom wallpaper can positively impact your space with a plethora of designs that include the following:

  • Vivid florals
  • Stone and animal prints
  • Raised textures
  • Metallics

Bring out your creative side with these bathroom mural ideas

Murals can be found in several sizes and locations. Use the following bathroom mural ideas to get creative, personalize your space, and fully claim it as your own:

  • Add wall decals for an inspired design without much heavy lifting
  • Leaf through magazines for grand pieces you can combine or easily replicate on a smaller scale
  • Look at DIY tutorials online to cover the basics
  • Paint freehand and see what happens!

Put things in place with bathroom wall storage

By increasing storage in your bathroom, you can make it more functional and keep all your dedicated cleaners, equipment, and supplies in one place.

Open wall shelving can turn an unused nook into a main event, and faux built-ins are great for storing smaller items at eye level to avoid extra bending. Use an over-the-toilet-rack to give yourself plenty of storage in a typically unused space. For a more open look, install towel bars with attached shelving  or hang baskets from them to reach your toiletries more easily.

Use this array of bathroom wall storage solutions to spend more time relaxing, and less time running between your bathroom, bedroom, and hallway closet.

Tell a story with a bathroom tile backsplash

Adding a bathroom tile backsplash helps define different areas of the space and make it more visually interesting.  A simple subway tile looks great behind a sink, or you can spring for a memorable tile design that compliments the curvature of your walls. For a lower-risk commitment, try floral or geometric peel and stick tile for a luxury look without all the fuss.


Gray monochromatic tile with white grout in a fan motif


Show off a little with a shower update

Showers see frequent use, but outside of routine cleanings, they don’t often get much love. These shower updates can help you fall in love with your shower all over again.

Keep it clean with shower caulking

Over time, the caulking in a shower’s seams can begin to wear down, making it more susceptible to gaps and cracks. Every few years, redo your shower caulking to keep the cracks away and make it look like new.

Create more space with a curved shower rod

Curved shower rods seem to have been taking over lately, and this genius invention is equal parts form and fashion. The shape of the shower rod gives you more room  to get clean, and it can be installed in a couple of minutes. If your shower curtain has been begging for retirement, now is the perfect time to update your shower all at once!


Stainless showerhead sprays water in front of a black and blue wall


Make it rain with a modern showerhead

When it rains, it can not only pour, but feel luxurious. For as little as twenty dollars, you can swap in a modern showerhead and feel like you’re staying at a five-star hotel every time you get ready for the day. You can even get one with LED lights to add that extra bit of flair and turn your morning routine into a morning experience.

Now that you’ve got a few new ways to update your bathroom without a remodel, you’re one step closer to the bathroom of your dreams. Don’t overlook the power of what a few mini-transformations can do. With the tips in this guide, the possibilities are practically endless. 

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