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Smart Home Devices That Can Help You Save Money

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Homes are getting smarter these days – and saving homeowners lots of money in the process. But with all the smart devices available for your home, which ones make the biggest impact on your budget? Read on to find out!

Smart Bulbs

Switching to LED bulbs is already a great way to save money on electricity. But if you want to take these savings a step further, you might consider installing some smart bulbs around your home.

Smart bulbs can connect to your smartphone, giving you total control over your home’s lighting. Not only can you turn your smart bulb on and off from your phone, you can even program it to do this at a set time automatically. Many smart bulbs will even allow you to control the color or lighting intensity, helping you add some fun to a special occasion, or set the mood for movie night.

Smart Plugs & Smart Power Strips

Even when they’re not in use, many of today’s electronics continue to suck power in standby mode, making them one of the worst “energy vampires” in your home. While unplugging these devices is an option, doing this regularly can be a pain. That’s why using a smart plug or power strip is a much better approach.

With your TV, laptop, or gaming system plugged into one of these smart devices, it won’t draw power unless you tell it to, which can save you around 20 percent in energy, according to a report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Smart Thermostat

The US Energy Department estimates that heating and cooling your home makes up about 48 percent of your utility bills every year. By using a smart thermostat, however, you can lower your energy bill by up to 30 percent – all while helping the environment at the same time.

Instead of tinkering with your thermostat’s settings manually as temperatures fluctuate, a smart thermostat helps keep your home at the right temperature, often using geolocation, in-home sensors, and info on your area’s weather and climate to adjust itself automatically. This not only ensures you’re always comfortable at home, but can also save you money while you’re away. Plus, by using less non-renewable energy, you help reduce your environmental impact.

Smart Home Security Systems

According to the FBI, there were 1.4 million burglaries in the United States in 2017, and over 67 percent of these burglaries happened at somebody’s home. This is a scary number for homeowners, but it’s also scary that most of these crimes went unsolved due to lack of a witness or physical evidence.

If you want to save money – and protect your home – a smart home security system is the answer. Smart home security systems usually combine multiple security products, such as automated video cameras, locks, doors, lighting systems, and alarms and detectors, to keep your home safe – or at the very least, ensure there is evidence.

A smart home security system could save you from the $2,416 average taken during these home burglaries. But more than that, it could help you save up to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance, which is more than enough reason to get one installed at your home.

Smart Sprinkler System

Have you ever forgotten to turn off your sprinkler system during a rainstorm? Or maybe you forgot to turn it off before going off to bed? It’s a pretty common problem for homeowners, but it can lead to a big expense when the water bill rolls in.

Smart sprinklers can save you from these embarrassing situations – and save you money at the same time. A smart sprinkler system learns about your yard and local weather so it only waters when it’s needed, which helps you conserve water and cut your utility expenses. Plus, most systems will alert you if a leakage is detected, saving you even more money in the long run.

As a homeowner, protecting your budget is important. In addition to making your home smarter and more economical, an APHW home warranty helps protect your home and budget by covering the systems and appliances you use most from everyday wear and tear. That means if something covered breaks, we’ve got your back. Learn more about APHW home warranties and how they can help you save money on repairs and replacements today!

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