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How to organize your home room by room

Honeycomb wall shelving made from light wood with a plant in the center of each of the 3 units adorn a beige wall to the left of a yellow and white curtain flanking light coming in through a window

Whether you’ve recently bought a house or you’ve created decades of memories in your home, you know how keeping things organized can reduce clutter and help you get the most out of your living space.

If you want to beautify your home without stacks of bins and boxes, you’re in luck! From your garage and living room to your bathroom and closet, here are some ways to organize each room to match your household’s needs.

Get your garage in order

Garages tend to attract lots of clutter when there isn’t room indoors. Take a moment to sort out what you’ll use this season (such as gardening tools or snow shovels) before taking advantage of this handy tip.

Simplify your semi-outdoor space with a pegboard system

Whether you’re a tinkerer, a carpenter, or someone who loves to explore the outdoors, chances are you keep at least some of your equipment in the garage. This part of the home is notorious for collecting extra junk, but a garage pegboard system can help.

Start by mapping out the pegboard coverage and arrangement you need. Once you’ve measured the area where your extra things will live, visit your local hardware store for the pegboards, racks, and hooks you may need.

A few screws, a couple hours, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can walk into the garage knowing that your favorite hobby supplies are easily within reach.


Three rows of neutral-colored shoes sit on three white wooden shelves, with three pairs of shoes on each shelf


Maximize your mudroom and closet

Whether in your foyer or the floor of your closet, your shoe arrangement can easily descend into chaos. Follow this next piece of advice to limit the chances of you tripping over a lone shoe on your way to the kitchen.

“Shoe” away footwear disorganization

If you have too many shoes in your closet, a shoe organizer may not do the trick. Instead, try sorting your shoes by shelf and activity.

By keeping your athletic shoes, casual shoes, and formal shoes grouped together, you can shop your shoe rack quickly by need or occasion, instead of trying to remember where you put a pair last.

Liven up your living room

If decades’ worth of books or figurines seem to have swallowed your living room whole, it may be hard for you to fully unwind in that space. Make your living room more open and less visually busy with this next tip.

Install floating shelves and elevate your lounging space

Rooms fill up fast when you have loads of frequently-used items but nowhere to put them. Installing floating shelves in your living room can take as little as an hour, and it allows you to move items off the couches and floor and into a proper place. With options like the ones below, you can not only open up your living room–you can make your books, remotes, and other living room items much easier to find!

  • Horizontal shelving to show off your favorite books
  • Triangular and corner shelving to designate a focal point
  • Shelving with brackets for your heavier home décor
  • Geometric and stackable shelving (like the honeycomb shelving pictured above) to display houseplants

Kick clutter out of your kitchen

It’s easy for household belongings–like rubber bands, twist ties, pens, and cooking utensils–to end up in a junk drawer or shoved in some inconvenient location. By using everyday containers to organize these items, you can skip the frustration and locate your kitchen and household items easily.

Kitchen storage is more than a cupboard or drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer–and it’s usually full of random household items that make it difficult to close. To prevent your odds and ends from devolving into an impossible mess, repurpose items and use them as organizers that suit your space with containers such as these!

  • Remove the wax from burned out tall candles and reuse it for your spoons and spatulas
  • Use an old gum canister to store twist ties or loose change
  • Attach a magnetic pouch to your fridge so you’ll never lose your can opener or grocery list again

Pro Tip: Have a small kitchen? Once you’ve found places for all your extra stuff, take a moment to organize your kitchen appliances, too!

Bolster the functionality of your bathroom

Bathrooms can pose a greater challenge when it comes to creating space, but we’ve got a helpful way to add more room when you need it–and take it away when you don’t.

Is it a bathroom utility cart, or a functional piece of art?

If your bathroom is crying out for more storage space, but you’re not sure how to create it, consider investing in a rolling storage cart. From a rectangular 3-tier rolling utility cart made of metal to a circular version made of wood, storage carts come in an array of options to bring you functionality and style.

Most carts can be customized with pouches or drawers for extra storage, so be sure to load it up with your toiletries, hair tools, or cosmetics, and conveniently wheel it wherever you need it to go. For more spacious bathrooms, you can leave it there and clean around it more easily, since you don’t have to move and replace each item by hand.


A wire wall grid with 4 pictures on it sits on top of a light wood desk, next to a light wood and tan lamp with a tan lampshade

Bring the best out of your bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but leaving things strewn everywhere is enough to disrupt anyone’s mood. Use this option to save space and keep your bedroom in order.

Save vertical space by using wire wall grids

Move over picture frames–there’s a new way to store captured moments in one place. Wire wall grids make it easy to display photos in a collage format, supported by simple binder or picture clips.

Whether you laminate them for additional preservation or not, using a wire wall grid frees up space and prevents you from wondering where you put your favorite memories.

Pro Tip: Wire wall grids are also a great way to display and store jewelry, ties, and belts, especially if any of them have a tendency to get tangled.

Now that you’re equipped with these six unique ways to rein in the clutter, you can enjoy more space and less mess in your home!

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