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Summer storage for students and parents: Packing like a pro at home

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School is back in session, lunches are being packed all over America—and it’s time to put away all those awesome summer items. Our summer storage tips can help both parents and students find the right spots for your warm weather items now, so you can avoid a wild goose chase come spring.

Plan to get rid of your décor before the party’s over

Many graduation parties and other milestone gatherings take place during the summer. It can be tempting to hold onto party-specific knickknacks for the memories, but limiting your supplies to what you will actually use can save you loads of time, money, and space in your home.

Whether you’ve got a jumbo-sized sprinkler toy, a bounce house, or a stack of themed reusable tablecloths, consider these options to quickly get celebration supplies out of your house once the celebration is over.

  • Let guests take any supplies they fancy on their way out
  • Bundle the decorations as a themed kit for sale or donation
  • Rent the supplies to streamline your post-party process 

Prep your gear for storage

Few things are more frustrating than opening up your summer gear to find that half your stuff is missing pieces or no longer fits. Now is your opportunity to make sure everything goes into storage as a complete set – and is ready to use at the start of next summer.

Make sure all your equipment is thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing so you can avoid a moldy surprise. When deciding what stays or goes, figure out which missing or broken pieces can be easily replaced, and which gear has had a good run. Sort everything into keep, donate, and pitch piles to make the work easier as you go.


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Skip the storage unit with these easy storage solutions

Sometimes, we feel like we’ve run out of room at home for our out-of-season goods. Before you rent that storage unit, inspect your home for space to try these easy storage solutions.

Have you checked these places for storing summer items?

There are a few places around your home that may be great for storing your summer goods. Consider the following locations to keep your warm weather supplies stowed away all winter long.   

  • Closet: Use a pants organizer hanger to keep your swimsuit collection ready and in one place
  • Walls: Add hanging wall storage, like cabinets or baskets, to give things a home without needing large furniture
  • Stairs: Invest in storage stairs to keep smaller items readily available in a high-traffic area (drawers and cubbies)

Pro Tip: Don’t think about where items should go – put them where you’re most likely to check or reach for them.

How should I store my supplies?

How you prepare your summer supplies to go into storage is just as important as where you choose to put them away. Knowing what your gear is made out of and where it will be placed makes it easier to store things effectively. For most items that stay boxed up for months at a time, storing them in a cool, dry place away from the elements is a great place to start.

Create a storage system

Store items for the same season together and label them so they’re easier to find when you need them. You can color-code bins, racks, and boxes using stickers or tags.

You can also sort by container, such as in the examples below.

  • Put summer clothes in color tagged, older suitcases (especially since that’s when many people take vacations)
  • Store lawn games in a large duffel bag that won’t be damaged by dirt or accidentally getting caught in the rain
  • Deflated pool toys can be kept in a clear tote in a garage or shed

Package it safely

The ideal packaging for any item reduces the risk of damage during transport and storage. For many of your possessions, this will be the original packaging. If you no longer have the box, sort your supplies into groups of related things that aren’t too heavy to be carried. Make sure the box, bin, rack, drawer, or suitcase you use is also able to safely handle the weight it will hold.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve finished putting away your summer gear, take a few minutes to bring out and organize your fall and winter supplies. By sorting for all seasons now, you can avoid a half-sorted jumble come spring.

Whether it’s swimsuit season or sweater weather, we hope this guide has helped you pare down your summer gear to an organized set of the useful essentials, making the storage areas in your home just that.