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Improve your air quality with furnace humidifier maintenance

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Furnace humidifiers (aka whole-house humidifiers) can provide relief for allergy sufferers and boost the overall value of a home—but only if they’re properly maintained. Here are a few ways you can inspect and maintain your furnace humidifier to help it last longer and work more efficiently for years to come. 


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Is my furnace humidifier clean?

Cleaning your whole-house humidifier is a critical part of furnace humidifier maintenance.

  • Once a year, furnace humidifiers and their water panel evaporators should be emptied and cleaned. This can be easily done .
  • If your furnace humidifier has been neglected, or if your humidistat has been set too high, you may notice mold, bacteria, or poor air quality.
  • Note: Indoor air that is too dry or too moist can damage the wood in your home, but this can be avoided by keeping your home at a moderate temperature and humidity.


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Is my humidifier working?

Once you’ve ruled out the possibility of debris affecting your furnace humidifier’s function, examine a few other potential causes.

If your furnace humidifier has stopped working, dry air could be the cause of dry skin and hair, nose irritation or nosebleeds, warped wood, or dried/cracked wallpaper. Be mindful of humidifier leaks which can be caused by: Buildup on the solenoid valve, poor drainage, a leaky water panel, and/or improper pressure.

Furnace humidifiers typically last between 5 and 10 years. If you have a humidifier around this age, you should factor this into the cost of the home.


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What if it’s time for a new one?

Your furnace humidifier may no longer meet your household needs, or perhaps it's simply time for a new one. Ask trusted professionals in your community for what to keep in mind when shopping for a new unit.

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