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4 benefits of selling small homes

What’s the average square footage of the homes you sell?

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4 benefits of selling small homes

What’s the average square footage of the homes you sell? Though the modern home is much larger than those of eras past, limiting yourself to larger properties could mean you’re leaving money on the… Read More

4 low and no-cost options for real estate PR

Are you looking for ways to make your marketing budget stretch? In virtually any market, you can fall back on these affordable avenues of real estate PR to help your target audience learn about all… Read More

Home warranty reviews: Just as good as before!

A renewed contract says a lot, but when a homeowner chooses to come back after time apart — and loves it just as much as before? Now that speaks volumes. The first time around Jessica Kranson's… Read More

Accounting Manager Amanda says, “We aren’t numbers” at APHW

How much can you grow in one organization? After hearing Amanda’s story: A lot! Taking the leap Amanda was an office manager at a manufacturing company. They were in the midst of doing layoffs, so… Read More

Employee testimonial: Real support when I needed it

Toney needed help — a positions merger had eliminated her previous job. She had a friend who’d mentioned an opening at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) to her, so, “I got a hold of Mary and… Read More

APHW Raises $58k+ for Relay for Life 2023

With the 2022/23 Relay season coming to a close, Employee Success Manager and APHW Relay for Life Team Captain Patty had literal tears in her eyes: This has been a season to remember. Relay: In… Read More

Employee testimonial: Grown into leadership

In the world of customer service, few success stories match the journey taken by Wenche, a Bilingual Contact Center Manager who joined America's Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in January 2017. Wenche… Read More

In every market, cover your home B.A.S.E.

Summer reminds us of the good old days – running through sprinklers, chasing down the ice cream trucks, and catching fireflies. In this and every real estate season, it’s important to remember the… Read More

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