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4 benefits of selling small homes

A small tan house with a brown roof has bushes in front of it and trees behind it

What’s the average square footage of the homes you sell? Though the modern home is much larger than those of eras past, limiting yourself to larger properties could mean you’re leaving money on the table. Let’s dive into four ways smaller properties can be a big advantage.

1. Nice for niche real estate markets

If you’re selling in an area with high populations of the groups below, don’t miss out on the opportunity to cater to such a large part of your community. For people in these demographics, homes of a more manageable size could be an ideal fit!

  • Solo homebuyers
  • Empty nesters
  • Retirees
  • People who travel often for work

2. Great size for a quick getaway

Homebuyers who are buying a vacation home in a popular travel destination may not need much space. A home that gives them less to manage while they’re away helps lighten the load!

With the elevated cost of housing in such communities, purchasing a smaller home can give your clients more convenient access to these hotspot cities and town, while also giving them a lower sticker price over time.

3. First fixer-upper friendly

For clients looking to purchase their first flip, having less home to rehab can make the project more approachable and affordable! Smaller homes also tend to be older, so renovating one of these homes can come with some special bonuses, like:

4. A fine fit for furry friends

Some pet parents value lot size over a home’s square footage. A smaller home with an abundant yard could be just what they’ve been looking for!

A dog friendly home is also great for clients who love to be outside and entertain, whether it’s for a lot of people, small children, and/or pets. A smaller home with plenty of yard space is also a blank canvas for these big backyard ideas:

BONUS: Less competition

While other real estate professionals may target larger homes, focusing on a less sought-after segment of the market could help you capitalize on this niche in your community.

No matter the size of the home you’re selling, make sure to offer your clients the award-winning coverage of America’s Preferred Home Warranty!