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APHW helps homeowners ‘take moments of misery and make moments of magic’

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A company’s ability to quickly address customer concerns is pivotal to doing business well. At America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), we pride ourselves not only on our fast response times, but the helpfulness and compassion with which we serve. Mike, our Vice President of Operations, gave us a deeper look into this process.

Empowering staff to help others

An integral reason our Customer Service Team is able to address homeowners’ concerns so effectively is because they know they can make decisions while still having someone to turn to if questions arise. As Mike puts it, “The people who resolve customer issues know what needs to be done, but they like having me as a sounding board to make sure we’re doing the absolute best we can for the customer.”    

Mike said that even when homeowners call in the most dire of situations, “We try to take moments of misery and make moments of magic.” He continued, “I celebrate when a CSR is able to make someone’s day over the phone, being able to help walk homeowners through concerns to reach a resolution.”


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Building the right team results in the best outcomes

To adapt the old saying, great customer service teams aren’t born–they’re made. To assemble a group of people who are the best equipped to serve you, Our HR team have taken the time to find team members who have the knowledge and soft skills it takes to be dedicated to resolving homeowner concerns. When unexpected breakdowns or system failures arise, our Customer Service Team are ready and willing to help our homeowners get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. 

“We truly value hiring people who care, who honestly want to help people, and who take the time to listen,” Mike stated. “When you take the time to listen, you’re able to guide the customer through. Even when abiding by our Terms and Conditions means you won’t be able to give the homeowner exactly what they were hoping for, active listening and compassion allow you to still provide a great experience.”

Being a business with integrity does not go unnoticed

Mike stated that the primary goal of our Customer Service Team’s efforts is to, “make customer service as frictionless as possible”. Whether homeowners are calling in with general questions or for help in the middle of a crisis, our well-trained staff are prepared to assist, using the same home warranty brochure given to all our homeowners.

“Homeowners have been surprised that our staff make decisions based on the same home warranty brochure we use on our end,” he shared. “They feel better knowing that, and I feel really good that we provide them with that up front.”

Our employees are empowered to handle tough calls and close calls well, and it’s something other organizations have noticed, too. Receiving positive feedback from our customers, as well as the Torch Award for outstanding ethics from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a Stevie Award are proof positive that our integrity shines through.


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Continuing and expanding service

Have we reached the summit of our success in helping our homeowners with questions, reimbursements, plans, or claims? “We are never done with improving customer service,” Mike shared. “It’s part of our continuous improvement; we’re always looking for new and better ways to create a great customer experience. Sometimes, companies get to the top and rest on their laurels—but our work is never done.”

With Mike and the Customer Service Team working hand in hand, the customer experience we provide our homeowners will only keep improving. “The secret to our success is the people,” Mike shared. “The fact that we’re regularly growing and hiring new staff with new perspectives is all folding into our next level of top-tier customer service. I’m just here to guide them.”

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