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How to get paid with ACH reimbursement

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Most homeowners are familiar with reimbursements coming by mail, but America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) now offers a digital option—reimbursement through ACH!”

What does ACH stand for?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, it’s important to know the basics about ACH itself. ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House, which is a digital network used to process payments going from one online account to another.

Though it’s been used for decades, ACH is becoming popular again due to its security and simplicity for online payments. At APHW, we pride ourselves on giving our homeowners the ability to choose what works for them, and we knew that offering ACH would help us continue to do just that.


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Adding ACH to APHW’s flexible payment options

As APHW‘s Vice President of Operations, Mike is always looking for ways to help homeowners customize our service to fit their needs. When I asked him about making this payment option available for our homeowners, he shared how adding another convenient payment option was a way for us to continue setting ourselves apart by enhancing our already top-notch service: “To provide the best customer experience possible, we needed to get reimbursements back to the consumer as quickly as possible.”

Mike continued, “My team and I took painstaking effort to ensure that the process was as simple and as user-friendly as possible,” adding, “And our system has been thoroughly tested to ensure reliability.”

Though homeowners experience timely reimbursements with all of our payment options, adding ACH provides a more prompt solution for those who prefer to keep their transactions online. As Mike put it, “Why wait extra time for your money to come through the mail when you can use ACH and receive funds faster?“

ACH payment tips for claim reimbursement

There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing ACH for your reimbursement. By following the steps below and our easy tips on how to choose your own licensed contractor, you can stay in the driver’s seat for your covered home repairs.


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How to set up ACH payment

ACH payments can be processed from a checking or savings account. Once you’ve made sure that the information provided is from a valid and open account, you’re on to the next step!

Enter your account’s routing and account numbers, providing us an accurate bank “address” to send your reimbursement. With this easy guide for locating your account and routing numbers, you can avoid having to dig up old documents to make sure you’re providing the correct information.

After a few days (keeping bank holidays in mind), your reimbursement should reach your chosen account. Should you have any questions about payment or anything else related to your APHW home warranty, feel free to contact our award-winning customer service at 866.794.0875 or visit APHW.COM.

ACH security

You are the only one who has access to your bank information. While this means our Customer Service Representatives cannot update this part of your account for you, you can easily opt-in and update your bank information (and handle the rest of our easy 3-step Claims Process) through our Start a Claim Portal, which ensures all your information is protected.

Mike stated, “Our secure ACH portal means there’s no more wondering if your check will get lost in the mail or sent to the wrong address. It means your reimbursement is on its way, straight to you, in even less time!”

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