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APHW Has Saved Me Thousands!

“America’s Preferred Home Warranty has saved me thousands of dollars since 2013 when I purchased my home. They are easy to deal with, professional and friendly, [and] quick to pay my selected [contractors]. I wholly recommend APHW.”

Whew! Now that’s a Google review that stands on its own. Our thanks to Donna Eagle! But after seeing that glowing report, we wanted to know more. So, we inquired further:

From Purchase to Renewal

“When I bought the house down in South Carolina, the basic APHW warranty was offered with the house, so I took it,” Donna explained, adding that she almost dropped it when the time came for renewal because she hadn’t used it. “But I thought, ‘Well, let’s just do another year, just to see,’ and I expanded it to cover all my appliances.”

Three months later, the side-by-side refrigerator Donna had in her kitchen failed. “I filed a claim and had someone out to look at it, but it needed a part they don’t make anymore,” she said.

When APHW approved her replacement reimbursement, Donna found herself a deal on a brand-new refrigerator, marked half off due to a minor shipping dent in the back. “With my deductible, I effectively got myself a brand-new, side-by-side fridge with all the bells and whistles for just $75,” she said. “I thought that was great! And now my deductible is $50, which is even better.”

Altogether Now

Donna has had several other claims over the years, resulting in a personal savings of thousands of dollars through her home warranty. “I think APHW is great. I’d never had a home warranty before I bought a house down here, and it’s just a part of what I do now. Plus, instead of paying in full at the beginning of the year, they have the monthly plan they can just deduct from my account, and I don’t have to worry about it.”

In the end, APHW can count on Donna as a loyal customer for years to come. “I just know that if anything goes wrong, all I’ve got to do is call them, pay the deductible, and they’ll either take care of it or help toward it if it’s a bigger item,” she said. “And customer service is great—everybody I’ve talked to has always been really, really helpful.”

Call 866.589.5518 or visit APHW.COM today to get a home warranty, or for more information!

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