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OH NO! It’s Time to File a Claim! — But It’s Not What You Think

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Ever dread calling in to file a claim? It’s just that feeling that comes with filing a claim with any company: You assume it’s going to be a frustrating process. Here’s why you can take that dread and throw it right out the window for claims with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

Easier Than You Think

APHW offers a 3-step claims process.

1. File the claim (by phone or online) to obtain a claim number.

2. Schedule ANY licensed contractor to visit and diagnose the issue at a time that’s convenient for you, and let us speak with them prior to any repairs to determine your approval.

“We ask your contractor questions regarding the system or appliance they’re looking at, specifically what parts have failed, and what their estimate is for repair or replacement,” said APHW Customer Service Supervisor Michelle. “Then we research the parts ourselves and make a determination based on the information provided, and discuss that determination with the customer, as well as options for how to use their approved amount.”

3. Once the work is completed, you (or your contractor) have several options for FAST payment.

The Details

Now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but you’ll probably say whatever you can to get out of paying.”

Here’s the thing: We very literally go by our warranty contract. If you’ve given it a read (less than 3 total pages of actual Terms and Conditions—in what’s actually a pretty understandable format—followed by individual state requirements) then you know what we can and can’t do before you even file a claim. Seriously!

Can’t read the small print? We’ll send you a PDF so you can zoom in as big as you need it.

The People

Here’s something else you should know: Our customer service representatives pride themselves on providing a good experience for you. This means they care, quite literally, about you and your problem, and about doing their utmost to provide a solution for you.

“We go above and beyond to help out the homeowners as much as possible,” Michelle said. “We go in-depth and really dig for the information we need to hopefully make a determination in the homeowner’s favor.”

This dedication to help our homeowners shows clearly through a multitude of positive customer reviews:

  • “I couldn’t ask for a better experience.” Matt Wilson, Google Review
  • “Very easy claim process and professional customer service.” Rick Gorman, HomeWarrantyReviews.com Review
  • “My customer service rep took excellent care of me.” Laurie S., Yelp Review
  • “Got me taken care of quickly!” Kimberly, MyReputation.com Review

All of this to say: Give us a chance to impress you—you may be surprised at just how good an APHW claims experience can be.

Call 866.982.2761 or visit APHW.COM today to file a claim, or for more information.

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