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Take Control of Your Claims

You know it, I know it, and so does everyone else… you hate the idea of filing a claim. But why?


One word: Inconvenience.

Over the years you’ve come to expect long wait times and difficult communication, plus an unknown contractor coming to your house at odd hours (who may not be someone you actually want in your home).

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just file your claim quickly and get a contractor out on YOUR schedule? Better yet, someone you know and trust?

You can with America’s Preferred Home Warranty.

Control the Process

  • Your call will be answered quickly and professionally by our Michigan-based customer service representatives, available 24/7/365 for your convenience. Heater go out at 2 a.m? Christmas Eve oven issues? We’re here, and we take notes.
  • Choose who YOU are comfortable with. Your contractor will be working around your home and family—they should be someone you trust.
  • Schedule for YOUR convenience. No waiting on the warranty company to make an appointment. Your licensed contractor of choice works for YOU, so you set the appointment to suit your schedule.

Control Your Costs

  • Get an immediate decision about coverage. Once we receive your contractor’s diagnosis, you receive an immediate claim decision, so you can decide how to proceed.
  • Use your approved claim money however you see fit. No restrictions on parts, brands, or colors. See a great deal on a newer model? Go for it! It’s your money, use it how and where you need it.

Control How Payments Are Processed

  • Pay up front with quick reimbursement, or we can pay the contractor right over the phone, so your contractor can get right to work and get you back to living in comfort in your home.

Say goodbye to the claims experiences of the past, and say hello to taking back control of your life.

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