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In every market, cover your home B.A.S.E.

A real estate professional shakes hands with two new homeowners

Summer reminds us of the good old days – running through sprinklers, chasing down the ice cream trucks, and catching fireflies. In this and every real estate season, it’s important to remember the basics. By keeping your focus on home B.A.S.E, you can team up with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) to help your clients stay cool, even in the hottest real estate market!

B: Be remembered when you offer an APHW home warranty

Helping your clients close on a home is an important milestone, and no small feat. Leaving them with an APHW home warranty is a way to show your clients you look out for them, long after the last document is signed.

A: Add value to your clients post-sale

Offering your clients an APHW home warranty passes the baton to our highly-rated, community-trusted warranties. Whether they have a question or they’re in crisis, they can get the assistance they need over the phone or online to keep life rolling.

S: Secure more referrals and repeat business

Going the extra mile to help your clients cover their investment shows just how much they mean to you. In a world that needs more kindness and consideration, the extra care and intentionality that comes with providing an APHW home warranty is an ideal way to be remembered. Who wouldn’t want that?

E: Expand your business by setting yourself apart

Partnering with America’s Preferred Home Warranty helps you stand out as a go-to option in any market. Our 20+ years of constantly finding new ways to better serve your clients can put you head and shoulders above the rest

Taking it back to home B.A.S.E. by offering an APHW home warranty with every transaction helps you elevate your business. Give your future self more reasons to thank you.

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