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How does APHW stand in a home warranty comparison?

Finding the right home warranty isn’t easy, and we always recommend doing your research. A number of our customers have experienced other providers, and then told us how America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) fared in their own home warranty comparison. So we collected some of their reviews for you—direct from homeowners, contractors, and real estate professionals—discussing their experiences.

Homeowner Reviews

Dmitri Anaya (Newport, Minnesota)
“I called at 7 o’ clock on a Friday night, and there was someone to answer the phone. I didn’t have to wait for a company-approved contractor to come over and tell me what’s what—I can call my own guy to come and look at it and fix it right away. Unlike other companies with their own contractors, APHW doesn’t have that conflict of interest. Using a third party is the right way to do it.”

Toni Torres (Hobart, Indiana)
“I have had other home warranties, but this is by far the best. The fact that you can pick your own licensed company to do the repairs helps so much and makes it super easy. So far everything I have needed to have repaired was accepted and the refund check was in the mail rather quickly. They even told me with my oven repair that they would cover the cost of the repair or let me put that amount towards a brand-new oven! I just had to have it professionally installed to get the refund amount back and supply receipts. Amazing! I will continue service when this expires.”

Steve Sedahl (Apex, North Carolina)
“They clearly know what they are doing, but the best reviews come from the contractors I’ve hired to do repairs. When I talked with [the contractor] and said this was a home warranty, the guy just went, ‘Oh, okay.’ Obviously, they’d had bad experiences with other home warranties before. But once they had their initial conversation with APHW customer service, he said, ‘Those guys are really good. That was as easy as it’s ever been to do a warranty job! Sometimes they’re just awful and rude, but this was a pleasant experience.’ He was really happy.”

Karen Goldsmith (Pensacola, Florida)
“I have used several other home warranty companies until I found APHW. I will not go back to any of them. APHW is affordable, and easy to file claims and for contractors to get in contact with to get approval for the needed work. I have been quickly reimbursed when I have paid the contractor. You get to choose your own contractor!!!”

Jeremiah Rothschild (Alpharetta, Georgia)
“America's Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) has truly been an exceptional experience. This is something I never thought I would be writing about a home warranty company, given prior experiences with other companies. However, APHW has really been a breath of fresh air. Their associates are prompt, there are usually no wait times to connect with a representative, all the staff are courteous, and follow through and resolution usually happens in under 10-15 minutes. One of my favorite things about APHW is being able to select contractors myself, as I have very high standards and this is even more important now with a pandemic going on — I only want people I trust in my house. … Really amazing service and great people!”

Contractor Reviews

Brian Wright (Michigan)
“I strictly deal with APHW. As soon as I get off the phone, I send in the invoice, and I get paid before I even get to my truck. I had a furnace client with a different home warranty company, and they wouldn’t accept that it was normal wear and tear because they didn’t have the previous maintenance report – and the guy had just moved in like a month before. APHW has a fair price, and they’re spot-on with estimates every time.”

Robert Noland (Arizona)
“I come from the trade side of this. I own an HVAC company and have worked for customers using three different home warranty companies. If a customer says they have one of the other two, I say, ‘Good luck, I'll need you to pay the bill and get reimbursed from the warranty company.’ Americas Preferred actually pays me directly … They are the only one I would recommend.”

Ferron M. (Georgia)
“I am a contractor and have been in contact with many home warranty companies over the years, most of which were not very user friendly. My experience was one of getting the runaround and then denied after spending many hours documenting the need for coverage. I have had the pleasure of working with APHW twice now. I am impressed with the entire process. The timely response to my customers’ needs and the communications between myself and APHW have been exceptional. … If anyone's interested in a home warranty company, this would be my only recommendation.”

Real Estate Reviews

Timothy Garton (Chardon, Ohio)
“Great company! As a real estate agent, I want the warranty that is user friendly for my clients and gives them the most choices. APHW does a great job with claims and follow-through.”

Jennifer Livingston (Stillwater, Minnesota)
“My clients were very impressed with the customer service at America’s Preferred Home Warranty. I won’t use another warranty company.”

Winston Gibbs (Athens, Georgia)
“America’s Preferred Home Warranty has been great to work with for both myself as the REALTOR® and my clients. The communication is quick and easy. Because they choose their contractors the work gets done quick. [My] rep takes good care of my clients and myself. Thank you America’s Preferred.”

Katrina Scheele (Greensboro, North Carolina)
“I love offering APHW to my buyers and sellers! I really like telling them that they can choose their own trusted contractors to take care of any claim, unlike other warranty companies where you are limited to a list of unknown contractors. There's nothing like the peace of mind these warranties offer!”

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