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Home warranty reviews: ‘Service is always excellent’

A picture of homeowner Paul Chaney

When Paul Chaney and his family first bought their home in Crowley, Louisiana, their REALTOR® included a year subscription to America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). “That was the first time I’d heard of them, and it was great!” he shared, noting that they added APHW to their condo in Lafayette as soon as they were able.

“We’ve filed a number of claims over the years, and customer service is always excellent. Everybody, to a person, has been courteous, and it’s obvious they have a genuine interest in serving the welfare of the customer.”

Paul described reimbursements as generally quick—especially since ACH direct deposit became an option—and he truly appreciates the freedom to choose any licensed contractor for claims.

“We live in a small town, and we have a local HVAC company that I rely on. They do a good job and they’re reasonable in pricing,” he said. “To not have that ability to choose leaves me open to whoever a home warranty company might want to assign, and based on past experiences with other companies, that’s not always a good thing.”


A female homeowner shakes the hand of a male contractor


APHW is also very affordable, Paul shared. “I have two properties, and the cost is considerably less than if I was going with another company. We’ve gone with a couple of others in the past, and the cost was more expensive in both cases,” he said.

Most importantly, for Paul, APHW openly shows their Christian culture and roots. “The values that APHW shares play well in their favor,” he said. “I’m from the South, and we have a saying: ‘That’s some tall cotton.’ It puts you in the classification of some high caliber stuff.”

Everything rolls into an all-around amazing experience, Paul said: “I love APHW. Their customer service is second to none, and I highly recommend them.”

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