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Home warranty reviews: REALTOR® embraces APHW coverage

Homes are often purchased ’sight unseen’ in a Seller’s Market, where the buyer doesn’t even visit the home, let alone have a home inspection or other safety nets in place before signing. That’s why eXp REALTOR® Liz Pino embraces the concept of a home warranty for her buyers: She knows how important that protection can be, especially now.

“This market is really aggressive, and buying a home can be a huge liability,” Liz said. “Why would you not want to give your clients the highest peace of mind on the most expensive thing they’ll ever buy?”

Liz stands firmly on one home warranty in particular: “I can highly recommend America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW),” she said. “I’ve had clients use it who said the customer service is fantastic, the communication and accessibility are great, and you have options to choose from. You’re also not going to get an automated robot or some recorded line: You are going to get a human being on the other end who will say, ‘Hi, I’m here to help.’”

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Past experiences vs. new ones

Liz did have one home buyer completely shut down when she asked about adding a home warranty to his pending purchase. “He’d had one out west, and said it was just a complete waste of money, that he couldn’t get in touch with anyone, and he hated their whole claims system,” she said. “I told him I didn’t know what company he used, but this one is different.”

This specific client was moving from across the country and buying his home sight unseen (he had only done a virtual walkthrough of the home). Liz really felt he needed the protection a home warranty would provide and was so confident he’d love APHW that she even offered to pay for his first year of coverage. That changed the homeowner’s mind enough to pay for it himself. “I’m still skeptical, and I’m only doing this on your recommendation,” he’d told her. “If I’m unhappy, you’re going to know it.”

Sure enough, there was record-breaking rain the day after closing, and he had a leak. “He contacted APHW, somebody came out, he paid his deductible, and it got taken care of. It was great!” Liz said. “Then two other things happened, and each time he was able to get it addressed.”

The homeowner recently called Liz to say: “I just want to tell you, that home warranty you were telling me about is the real deal,” he told her. “You were right, and they’ve been great!”

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Real talk

Liz believes that a lot of the frustration around home warranties stems from not having the right expectations set up front.

“I set my clients’ expectations straight out of the gate,” she said. “I point out what items are add-ons, what’s covered, and how what’s not covered is in bold. As long as you understand from the offset that there are exceptions and contingencies, you’re going to love this company.”

APHW has greatly simplified her life as an agent as well—particularly their Real-Pro® app for real estate professionals.

“Agents have such complex lives, so to have something that’s just steady and consistent like Real-Pro® is an incredible benefit. If I need an invoice, I can get it generated on the spot with one click. Need a copy of the home warranty? It’s generated then and there,” Liz said.

“It’s just very streamlined and user friendly, and you can tell the company really thought it through. Their customer service is just unmatched in my opinion; I really do love America’s Preferred!”

The smart choice

Whether her clients are seasoned or first-time home buyers, Liz believes an APHW home warranty is the wisest decision to make for that first year. “I really feel it will protect and give peace of mind to my buyers,” she said. “So should something go wrong, it will be there to protect you, and to help.”

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