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Louisiana REALTOR®’s partnership with Area Sales Manager ‘makes jobs easier’

Louisiana REALTOR® Lauren Stevens knows firsthand how great it is to partner with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). Her Area Sales Manager (ASM), Suzann Blades, makes home warranties easy. She says that by “checking in with us and seeing what she can do,” Suzann keeps her “very informed”.

Lauren and her colleagues “have a great relationship with Suzann, who has been really professional in handling everything,” she says. She adds that Suzann “follows up to make sure we’re on top of things,” which “makes our jobs easier”. Lauren states that with APHW, she really likes that you can call your own vendor (so long as they’re licensed), which she says is something she considers to be very important.

After her clients have moved in, APHW continues to impress. Lauren’s clients really seem to love APHW too, as she doesn’t get any calls about, “something not being covered, or about there being any complaints on the back end,” she says.

Lauren reports that our ASM Suzann Blades does work that is both professional and amazing. Since teaming up with her, Lauren has never looked back. When you combine forces with an ASM from APHW, how could you go wrong?

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