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Real Estate Review: REALTOR® Recommends & Also Uses APHW

“An area sales manager visited our office years ago, and he did such a great job that about five of us signed up immediately for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW),” said South Carolina Berkshire Hathaway REALTOR® Harriett Bosiack. “And everybody has been so happy!”

Harriett raves about her experiences to anyone who will listen, even purchasing an APHW home warranty contract for her own home. “It’s just great, because we can call the licensed contractor of our choice and they do a wonderful job,” she said. “We pay and submit the billing invoice, and APHW pays us back. It’s just a really smooth process—and I think the warranty has paid for itself probably every time we’ve used it. I also feel like APHW covers a lot of things, which is great—we ended up getting the upgrade since everything’s been covered so well, and we couldn’t be happier!”

“During our last experience, we had something happen to our heating and air conditioning, and we had the person come out that we usually use. He gave us the invoice and said he needed to order a part, so we just submitted that to APHW. They approved the claim, he came in, I paid for it, and APHW paid us right back! It’s just a really great way to do it, and the deductible is so reasonable,” Harriett said.

Harriett was also very complimentary of APHW’s customer service. “Everybody’s super nice, and I always tell my clients how the APHW people do such a wonderful job,” she said. “I used to speak regularly with a woman named Sharon, who was a head of customer service at the time. She was always like my best friend when I was trying to get things taken care of, and I just think all of their customer service reps are really good at what they do! They’re very proactive, and as soon as I call, we get something back. They’re just great!”

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